23rd February 2023 Mindset Development Group

The Book of Beautiful Questions 

Warren Berger 

Bloomsbury Publishing 

ISBN: 9781632869562 


Via the art of a good question, we can evaluate, compare, learn, and move forward amid ambiguity and uncertainty. When confronted with various demanding life scenarios, the learnable skill of asking questions can enhance our decision-making and critical thinking. 

In this book, Warren Berger encourages us to find the right questions that enable us to evaluate new and old challenges afresh.

Berger shares illuminating anecdotes and compelling research on the benefits of asking questions. The content is drawn from the insights and expertise of psychologists, innovators, business leaders, and a variety of the world’s most eminent creative thinkers. He also presents the essential questions readers can use to enhance decision making, creativity relationships and leadership (including self-leadership).


Here’s what I learned how to do better as a result of reading the book:

  • Identify opportunities in business and industry
  • Generate fresh ideas in business and creative pursuits
  • Check my biases and judgments so I can make better and more informed     decisions
  • Communicate and connect with the people around me


Alignment to The Thriving Sales Professional™ framework 

  • Empathy
  • Active listening
  • Confidence
  • Growth mindset 
  • Personal values and behaviours
  • Personal development


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