2nd Group Mentoring Session

Congratulations on completing the Set Up and Mindset Fundamentals (Recurring Themes) of The Thriving Sales Professional. 

Time for our second group mentoring call. You’ll have the mentoring call details booked in and will have received a calendar invite for this. Any questions please email info.mindsetdevgroup.com

In our second group call we’ll:

  • Overview how you’re getting on and answer any questions on the content so far.
  • Group exercise on building self awareness of our thinking mind and how this supports us to respond to challenges calmly, instead of knee jerk reactions we later regret.
  • Deep dive into how to integrate the tools to your specific circumstances for maximum impact.

To optimise on the time we have together in the group mentoring sessions, we’d like to keep focused on the framework content and toolkit. So, if you have any account or set up queries please email info@mindsetdevgroup.com to get these resolved.

Once you’ve completed your second mentoring call, mark this lesson as complete and head to the following section of the course.

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