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Here you’ll find the core Thriver online programme:

It contains our evidence based toolkit covering the key mindset and mental fitness skills you can see outlined in the wheel below. It’s delivered via video classes, quizzes, research studies and guided exercises.

You can start exploring and making your way through the programme in your own pace.

For accountability we provide structured completion of the programme via 15 live,1 hour workshops where we guide you to learn and apply the toolkit to your circumstances.

Shortly after enrolling on the Thriver Programme, you’ll receive an email from our coaching team with the live workshop joining information.

For maximum impact, we recommend you joining this structured completion. If you do so, you can still go through the online programme in your own pace and can use it to refresh and catch up on any live workshops you miss.

If you choose to go through the Thriver Programme at your own pace, we recommend using the ‘Recommended Pathway of Completion’ as a checklist to keep you on track. You’ll find this in the ‘Set Up’ module of the programme.



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Thriver: Mental Fitness and Personal Effectiveness
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