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The traditional approach to wellbeing is reactive, waiting until there’s a problem to find a solution.

This is like waiting for your car to breakdown to service it!

Taken from evidence based thought leadership in neuroscience and psychologies, The Thriver programme isn’t another wellbeing programme.

It’s a PROACTIVE approach to mental fitness and personal effectiveness ( a mental fitness gym membership if you like!), enabling you to unlock your potential and thrive through the challenges and opportunities of life at work and home.




The Thriver programme is split into 2 sections: The Core Programme and Ongoing Support.  

  • The core programme teaches and applies the mental fitness skills and toolkit to your life. You’ll learn this via a combination of 15 live, 1 hour weekly workshops and the supporting online programme. Shortly after enrolling you’ll receive an email from your dedicated coach that will be leading you through this stage. They’ll say hi, send over the calendar invites for all 15 live sessions and any pre-work for the first session. 

  • The ongoing support toolkit helps you with the most important part; building the core programme tools into helpful habits that create long term meaningful change – enabling you to lead a more resilient, confident and happy life. These tools are outlined in the graphic below. Amongst them are a weekly schedule of live accountability calls, guided masterclasses and focus sessions (think of these like group gym classes!) that provide you the structured way of working that prioritises your effectiveness and mental fitness, enabling you to offer your potential. To reap the benefits, we ask you to commit to attending these as much as you can.


From here your coach will reach out with your workshop invites for the core Thriver Programme. In front of the first session you’ll be asked to complete the Introduction and Set Up section of the online programme, which you can start exploring in your own pace straight away. Once you’re done here, mark this page as complete, then head back to your account and head to the Thriver Mental Fitness Programme. Here you’ll find the online Thriver programme which covers all aspects and tools you’ll learn in the core programme and live workshops. The Introduction and Set Up section are at the top. 

Although they’ll have greater relevance as you go through the core Thriver Programme, you have access to the Ongoing Support tools straight away and can start using them now.


Your members guide provides detailed overviews of all elements of the Thriver Programme. 




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