Skill and knowledge are only as good as the mind operating them. 

    Taken from evidence based thought leadership in neuroscience and psychology research

    Our proactive approach to mental fitness & personal effectiveness empowers sales teams to thrive through challenges & opportunities. 

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    • Manage distractions & focus on the key activities that drive success,

    • Bounce back from rejection with robust resilience,

    • Overcome self doubt with a growth mindset and reliable confidence.

    • Better qualify business with increased emotional intelligence,

    • Self awareness to carve out time for effective prospecting,

    • Respond objectively, rather than knee-jerk instant reactions.

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What Delegates Say...

The programme is much more about personal development than skills training.

My entire team and I went through the thriving sales professional framework and it’s the most impactful course we’ve been on. Thank you!

SME Business Owner

The four half-day sessions and limited homework allowed time for reflection overnight and balance to get on with my day job in the afternoon. Loved it! Equally as relevant to my life outside work as to my work itself.

I had a wonderful time at the Thriving Sales Professional course and I found it full of tremendous value where I have been able to apply the tools and techniques to not just my professional growth but also personal.

Partner Business Management Intern, VMware

Much more powerful than the countless normal skills training courses I’ve attended.

Sales Account Executive, Citrix

The virtual delivery works really well, loved the morning quizzes!

This is a fantastic framework to have been on. The timing is more than perfect, facing my first challenges in my role and preparing myself for long-term success. More significantly is that this development & mindset goes beyond the professional, and well into my personal development just as much – and I honestly believe that’s a fantastic touch to have.

Digital Sales Associate, VMware

Much more powerful than the countless normal training sessions I have attended.

The most impactful set of skills I’ve ever been given! – Systems Engineer Jan 2023

Thriver is certainly helping me be more effective at work, but I’m also a better parent, friend and happier person overall!


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