Our skills, knowledge and tools are only as good as the mind operating them.

The Thriver workshop empowers you and your team with the essential mental fitness skills to…

  • Avoid distractions & focus on the key activities that drive success for you.
  • Bounce back from setbacks and see them as learning opportunities.
  • Overcome self doubt with a growth mindset and reliable confidence.
  • Avoid overwhelm and burnout with enhanced work life balance.
  • Increase mental wellbeing, emotional intelligence and self awareness.
  • Respond objectively, rather than knee-jerk instant reactions.


Delivered live, face to face over 2 days, or via Zoom over 4 mornings.

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    MDG Ongoing support graphic

    Our approach provides all delegates with the essential ongoing support to make impactful change long term.


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      Ongoing Tool

      Supports with
      The Pocket Mentor mental fitness app

      Proactive mental strength & habit building

      Weekly Guided Plan – Do – Review drop in sessions

      Productivity & effectiveness

      1-1 coaching follow up after the group workshop

      Accountability & tailored support

      Monthly ‘deep dive’ drop ins on a specific framework topic/tool


      Access to The Thriver Programme online courseRefresh a tool when you need support
      Helpdesk supportTroubleshoot and find a helpful next step to a challenge

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