Are You Feeling Overwhelmed?

  • You feel distracted and unable to identify and focus on critical activities that drive sales success.
  • You recognise that your confidence is fragile and masked by self-doubt (imposter syndrome)
  • Mistakes and failures can derail you and leave you feeling fragile, exposed, and unconfident.
  • You don’t have the breadth and depth of conversations with customers and lack the confidence to talk at an executive level.
  • You recognise that you don’t qualify deals hard enough and can be hindered by confirmation bias, focusing on information that supports your belief and ignoring evidence that goes against it.
  • You don’t spend enough time effectively prospecting for new business and defer to doing other easier but less productive tasks.
  • You feel overwhelmed by the busyness and urgency of your work.
  • You feel you could be more productive but don’t know how.
  • Your work life impacts the quality of your relationships and hobbies outside the workplace.
  • You have emotional outbursts that impact the quality of your key relationships.
  • You suffer negative self-talk that can spiral out of control.
  • You recognise that you are eager to get your points across and don’t listen to customers and colleagues as well as you could.
  • You are constantly distracted by the always-on ‘pingdemic’ of modern technology and the busyness of corporate life

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    The Empowered Thriving Sales Professional 

    Self-aware, enabling you to offer a considered response to challenges rather than an emotional knee-jerk reaction

    Emotionally fit to deal with change, challenges, and opportunities, prioritising your mental wellbeing by enhancing habits in your daily routine.

    Focused on the key activities that will drive success for you

    Resilient, to be able to bounce back stronger from inevitable mistakes, failures, roadblocks, barriers, and setbacks, treating them as development opportunities

    Motivated to be able to maximise the potential you have, recognise you are not chained to your current capabilities, embrace a growth mindset

    Confident, develop humble confidence and self-belief objectively based on continuous growth while positively managing negative self-talk.

    Empathetic, to be able to understand and engage effectively with clients and colleagues building mutually beneficial and supportive relationships.

    Productive: your chosen activities and tasks are aligned to your desired practical and effective outcomes

    Balanced (work and home life in a hybrid working environment), being able to switch from work to your relationships and hobbies outside the workplace seamlessly with clear boundaries for a work-life balance

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    The Need:

    Most of us have been trained in traditional sales skills, and your organisation should have equipped you with the relevant product knowledge.

    Functional skills training and product knowledge are necessary but insufficient as there remains a knowing vs. doing gap: We know what to do, but we don’t do it as consistently or effectively as our potential would allow.

    This gap is all about mindset.

    The Thriving Sales Professional Framework ™ is your mindset enabler.

    The Thriving Sales Professional Framework™ (recurring themes and modules), workshop content has been drawn from evidence-based thought leadership in psychologies, behavioural economics, neuroscience, and stoic philosophy.


    The on-demand course offers x hours of evidence-based content that you can work through at your own pace developing a set of tools, techniques, and mental constructs to help you thrive in the challenges of being a modern sales professional.

    There is also the option of investing in our plus programme, which includes 5 45 minutes of 1-2-1 mentoring and coaching to support you through the framework and tailor it to your life specifically, ingraining helpful habits to make meaningful long-term change. 

    Presented in our model of recurring themes and modules, the course content has been drawn from evidence-based thought leadership in psychologies, behavioural economics, neuroscience, and stoic philosophy. 

    online sales courses

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