• Have you recently felt:

    1. Distracted from important work (like effectively prospecting) and overwhelmed by the busyness of operational life.
    2. That you react instantly, either emotionally or defensively, later wishing you responded more calmly.
    3. Unable to switch off from work, diving into emails into the evening, impacting your relationships, hobbies and wellbeing.
    4. Stuck in self-limiting beliefs like ‘I’m not good enough’, that stop you taking action.
    5. Mistakes and failure derails you, leaving you feeling exposed and fragile.
    6. You don’t qualify deals hard enough, leaving prospects in the pipeline even when there’s evidence against any advancement.
    7. Eager to get your points across and therefore don’t have the breadth and depth of conversations needed with customers to make advancements

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  • What’s Included

    • 81 step framework, split into 8 modules
    • Lifetime access, including all future additions & updates
    • 108 page Interactive E-Workbook
    • Our science based methodology to maximise retention and implementation to make meaningful long term change
    • Certificate of completion
    • 1 year access to The Pocket Mentor app (worth £46.99) which supports the ongoing implementation of the course content to make meaningful long term change.
  • The Gap:

    Most of us have been trained in traditional sales skills and your organisation should have equipped you with the relevant product knowledge required for your role.

    Functional skills training and product knowledge are necessary but insufficient as there’s a knowing vs. doing gap:

    We know what to do, but we don’t do it as consistently or effectively as our potential would allow.

    This gap is all about mindset.

    The Thriving Sales Professional Framework™ is your mindset enabler.

    Presented in the recurring themes and modules, the Thriving Sales Professional Framework™ content has been drawn from evidence-based thought leadership in psychologies, behavioural economics, neuroscience and stoic philosophy.

The Impact

It is exceptionally eye opening, words I don’t think I have ever used when it comes to training! An absolute must for anyone in sales.

VP, UK & Country Manager Okta

My entire team and I went through the thriving sales professional framework and it’s the most impactful course we’ve been on. Thank you!

SME Business Owner

A number of my team have participated in the Thriving Sales Professional training this year, and I can tell you that they have all reported back that it was time very well spent, and expressions like “drilling for oil” etc. has now become normal part of our daily vocabulary!

Director & Country Manager, VMware Denmark


I had a wonderful time at the Thriving Sales Professional course and I found it full of tremendous value where I have been able to apply the tools and techniques to not just my professional growth but also personal.

Partner Business Management Intern, VMware

Much more powerful than the countless normal skills training courses I’ve attended.

Sales Account Executive, Citrix

I really feel the thriving sales professional toolkit is so broadly applicable. And I feel well prepared and “positively armed” with great tools to succeed in my career, relationships and own well-being.

Digital Sales Associate

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