The virtually delivered programme

Enhanced professional, personal effectiveness and mental wellbeing.

Success in any role can be put down to a winning combination of natural ability, skill development and hard work.

This combination is necessary but not sufficient; The missing element is mindset: The mental attributes of focus, resilience, motivation, confidence, and empathy. Until recently, these were thought to be a ‘set point’ in the genes that we were born with. Modern neuroscience has disproved this and whatever our start points, these attributes can be enhanced (as with any skill).

Most sales professionals have been trained in traditional skills, process and methodology. However, there remains a knowing v doing gap in that they know what to do, but don’t do the doing consistently or as effectively as needed. This gap is one of mindset. The purpose of the sales-mind approach is to maximise sales achievement with a toolkit to enhance the mental side of sales work, engendering a more focused, resilient, motivated and self-confident approach driving proactive sales performance way beyond results driven by brand, and or ‘market pull’.

The programme has been developed using evidence-based thought leadership in psychologies, behavioural economics, and neuroscience. The sales-mind content delivers a set of tools, techniques and mental constructs. And this unique approach has built an excellent reputation for delivering measurable results and now has case studies with many companies such as blue chip’s vmware, BT, Okta, Dell EMC, CA Technologies through to SME’s in a range of different sectors and sales dynamics.

The programme is delivered in 4, 31⁄2 hour sessions over 4 days using the interactive features in zoom and slido, replicating the participative and engaging nature of our traditional workshop.

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The Content – Part One.

Recurring Themes

Delayed Gratification: The ability to postpone instant reward for a greater one in the future.

Mindfulness: Living in the present moment rather than worrying about the past or pondering the future, enhancing focus and mental wellbeing.

Our Chimp Mind: Self awareness of how our conscious mind works, learning how to respond objectively rather than reacting emotionally to our challenges.

Neuroplasticity: Our brain’s ability to adapt and learn throughout our life.

Marginal Gains: The overlooked small improvements we can make in any area of life that combine to maximise our potential.

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The Content – Part Two

Mindset Skills

Resilience: Our ability to mentally prepare for and bounce back from setbacks.

Focus: Our ability to maintain attention and manage distractions.

Empathy: Developing emotional intelligence to understand the feelings and behaviours of another person, even when we don’t agree with them.

Confidence: Overcoming our negative self talk and building belief in our own ability based on a growth mindset.

Motivation: Understanding our own behaviours and reward system to achieve more and feel happier whilst doing so!

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