Developed through research with leading HR Professionals to directly support current key workplace challenges,

    The Thriver Programme provides a proactive approach to mental fitness & personal effectiveness, via our online programme, based on neuroscience and psychologies, with ongoing support and live accountability and coaching calls.

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    Employee Assistance Programmes are essential but not enough… 

    ‘Go – to’ wellbeing solutions are primarily reactive, waiting until there’s a problem to find a solution.

    This is like waiting until your car breaks down to service it



    Reduce key workplace challenges; absenteeism, productivity and engagement, key staff retention and truly develop a thriving workplace:

    • Overcome distractions and focus on what drives success in their role,

    • Respond to challenges calmly and objectively,

    • Develop robust confidence in their ability,

    • Bounce back from inevitable setbacks and change with resilience,

    • Lessen the likelihood of mental health problems occurring,

    • Happier work life balance.

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The Impact

The ongoing support tools, in particular the weekly accountability ‘Plan – Do – Review’ live call, have given me the accountability to make real change to the way I work. It’s also a really great community of people to be a part of!

The most impactful set of skills I’ve ever been given! – Systems Engineer Jan 2023

Thriver is certainly helping me be more effective at work, but I’m also a better parent, friend and happier person overall!

I really feel the Thriver toolkit is so broadly applicable and I feel well prepared and “positively armed” with great tools to succeed in my career, relationships and own well-being.

Digital Sales Associate


    Step 1: Installation

    Structured completion via 15 live 1 hour workshops to learn the toolkit.

    Apply it to your circumstances with the interactive e-workbook.

    Access the on demand version of the programme to refresh, catch up, or work through at your own pace.



Our approach is a ‘way of working’, with daily, weekly and monthly accountability and ongoing support.

Empowering teams to prioritise their mental fitness and personal effectiveness with helpful habits,
around the urgency and busyness of operational life, knowing this directly impacts their ability to
effectively execute on the activities that drive success in their role


    Mental fitness workout via our Pocket Mentor app

    5 tools, 10 minutes a day.

    • MINDFUL MOMENT: 2 minute breath work exercise to calm and reset 
    • DAILY THANKS: Gratitude practice, to balance perspective and take in the good 
    • AFFIRMATIONS: A daily prompt and practice, craft tailored empowering statements to build confidence to confidently step out of your comfort zone 
    • VALUES: Measure how closely you lived to your values during the day for a confidence & motivation boost 
    • REFLECTION: Micro journaling to note progress and learnings and mentally switch off 

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    • ‘Plan – Do – Review’ time management and weekly plan accountability drop in call every Friday morning. 
    • Live Mental Fitness Workout: 1/2 hour guided run through of The Pocket Mentor 5 To Thrive. 

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    Deep Dive into a particular challenge or tool in our monthly live zoom led masterclass workshops and leave with a helpful next step in hand. The topics of these can be suggested and tailored.

    Monthly report on usage and a tailored recommendation or focus point for the following month.

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